So glad to be here

sonyaNsunYesterday, much time was spent outside in the sun. It was a beautiful day in Tennessee and like the old hymn says I’m so glad to be here. I manage the Face Book page for my church. It is a somewhat small group of God fearing, God loving people who love Jesus. So Sunday is a work day for me. As the new school year approaches much though is placed on time. Our Father works in units of time. Toward the end of life, when our loved ones time is short, time is what we want the most. Time is what we all pray for. I know this from personal experience as my Mother passed away when I was but thirty-four.  But Thankfully, our Father is there in each and every season and he provided a very close friend who lost her Mother at twenty-one. So, all I could do was joy in the time and worship Him until all His work was done. As the new school year approaches much though is placed on time. Since Sunday is a work day for me I will likely set aside Mondays as my Sabbath. Our Salt Bible Fellowship class is working our way through the Gospel Project and the writers have challenged us with this particular command with a question. How can we observe the Sabbath Commandment more faithfully?

PS. – There will be blog posts on Mondays but Bulk Blogging is our friend and I really like Mr. Hyatt’s new spin on Batching and Binging. 

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