Artist, Author, Princess, Entrepreneur

Sonya McCllough is this crazy Jesus loving creative and a master of ideation. As a child this creative acquired the skill of generating new ideas from her Father. The seeds of her creativity were watered with kittens, knitting needles and yarn on a European patio in the mid sixties. Sonya currently lives in the heart of Tennessee with her family. Today, they have a few less kittens and her creative edge is the something good that remains. Inspired by some odd ball stuff, she is compelled to create by the sweet whispers of the Holy Spirit. Her design education supports her natural abilities and she maintains her skills through online classes. Her expertise ranges from problem solving to the discovery of new found possibilities. Her approach to creativity remains limitless as she has a strong desire for peace and reconciliation for all. She is an on demand creative and her concepts are original as well as timeless.