Stop showing everyone everything

Transparency is nothing more than a myth

envoysThis conversation between Isaiah and Hezekiah is on point! After praying The Lord added fifteen  years to Hezekiah’s life! But watch this … some friends heard he had been sick and had recovered … and Hezekiah welcomed them gladly. He showed them everything including all his money. Then Isaiah had to give Hezekiah the not so good news … Nothing shall be left. Might I encourage you, stop showing everyone everything, Transparency is nothing more than a myth.

Friends, this right here is so important!! If you are coming out of a season of what appears to be some type of sickness or leprosy to the world. If like Hezekiah, the Lord restores and delivers you from whatever captivity the Lord allowed please let the prophet Isaiah lead you in reestablishing your boundaries. When they send the crew from your Babylon with kind letters and a gift do not receive them and show them no thing. Show them no thing in your palace or your place. Do not take your legacy lightly for it is a gift for you and your descendants.

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