Summer Rest & Reading = LAUNCH by Jeff Walker

launch (1)We are not yet recovered from all the mixed feelings of my daughter getting married on her birthday. We are still in rest mode. And we keep reminding ourself that feelings are not facts. Thankfully, yesterday this book beauty was in hiding in the the darkness of my mail box. All we did was opened the door and let the light in. Yes, I’m a bit of a Jeff Walker fan. Yes, my name is on his list. Jeff offered his book for free minus the shipping and handling fee last month. I’m off to look for the secret formula to sell almost anything on line. It likely has a little something to do with FREE, but we will see. Have you noticed a change in format of the back covers of books lately? More and more all of the author’s endorsements are on the inside of the book. And Jeff’s book has over five pages of endorsements, which include the likes of Michael Hyatt and Marie Forleo. #beyondsingleness

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