Ten (10) completely random things I learned in August

1waterHere a list of ten completely random things I learned in August.

  1. You can now publish your work as a Kindle pre-order!
  2. Someone somewhere produces Infusion type BPA-free water bottles.
  3. I really, really, like Cheesy Squash Casserole.
  4. Living Room strategy isn’t about playing small.
  5. Life can greatly change for the best in a matter of 24 hours. Wait on HIM, HE will do it.
  6. The presence of my husband is daily confirmation … Two is better than one.
  7. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is greatly involved in the public school system.
  8. My daughter is leading a new generation of young women to consider Hooking-Up for Life and although I miss her greatly, I knew in my heart this was her assignment from our Father.
  9. One can sell/rent six house that never ever existed before without any advertisement in the proper marketplace.
  10. LOVE is the new RADICAL.


Today we are joining Emily Freeman for Let’s Share What we learned in August Link-up



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