Ten life lessons from the ministry of Jesus Christ and the mission of Santa Claus {Year End Review}


We are in the process of preparing or shall we say writing and gathering our thoughts and photos for our annual year end review. Being self-employed does not mean you get to do whatever you want, when you want.

Since the cup broke, being self-employed means I am accountable to a higher power and that higher power is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So on this after Christmas, rainy weekend I’ve had some time to reflect. While rereading Business Notes From Santa Claus I noticed some life lessons which can be found in scripture as well. I’ve listed them below and I will be posting my year end review in a few days. I hope and pray you are ready to rekindle the fire and flip your passion for 2015 and beyond. Yes and Amen. 

  1. Be of service. Luke 12:35
  2. Be single-minded.Psalm 86:11
  3. Be Confident. Philippians 1:6
  4. Define and live your purpose. 2 Timothy 1:9
  5. Be available and show up. Isaiah 6:8
  6. Owe no one, do not apologized. Romans 13:8
  7. Work quietly. Colossians 3:23
  8. Be productive. Acts 14:17
  9. Be on mission. Mark 16:15-16
  10. Build, maintain and encourage your team. Matthew 5:1
  11. Create and maintain a sense of urgency. 2 Timothy 4:2
  12. Be mindful and consider all. Psalm 33:15
  13. Allow your audience to see the evolution of you. Luke 2:12
  14. Be discrete about numbers. Psalm 71:15
  15. Know, few will like you. John 5:16

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Joining Lisha Epperson for some Give Me Grace kinda Saturday.


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