The 365-Day Storybook Bible

The Perfect "Can Do Challenge" Companion

The 365-Day Storybook Bible is the Perfect “Can Do Challenge Companion”  for children. The 365-Day Storybook Bible is colorful, bright and full of Bible characters. It’s 365 Days of five-minute stories for our children. Each day there is an awesome story about our Lord, His people and their activities. The 365-Day Storybook Bible allows our children to see a glimpse of the reality of the Bible in the context of the culture of which the Bible was written. And the illustrations add an active and exciting element to the text. Once again, the 365-Day Storybook Bible is the Perfect “Can Do Challenge” Companion”  for children to read while we read and or study our Bibles. Our children, especially little children imitate our activities and Bible reading and study is an activity we need to be more intentional about, thus creating opportunities for our children and grandchildren to duplicate our worship.

I received this Storybook Bible from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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