The Beauty of grace multiplied by forty plus two {Book Review}


The Tennessee countryside is white with snow and ice. It’s the seventeenth day of February and we are snowbound in a house not our own. Snowbound with my only sister is a sign rest is needed. She cooks pancakes while I shear ice shards off the windows of her card with my fingernails.

Slow is the beauty of grace our Father is showing me these days as I enjoy the more than forty grace filled stories while stranded in the snow. Know, you’re invited to sit and linger in the moments of slow. This little gem of grace is the stories of grace multiplied by more than forty plus two.

The Beauty of Grace is complied by Dawn Camp with a forward by Holley Gerth. And at a little more than two hundred pages I highly recommend it.

It’s what I call The Beauty of grace multiplied by forty plus two.

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