The Beyond Single Manifesto

A National Day of Prayer Post & Poster

Thank You for your interest in The Beyond Single Manifesto. I wrote this manifesto two years ago between Easter and Pentecost. One of my favorite Biblical characters is Peter. I just love the tension in the relationship between Jesus and Peter. I think this relationship is one of the most realistic relationships in the Bible. While many of us know and understand Pater was a married man, it is simply amazing to me how little the Bible speaks of his earthly relationship with his wife. And, then of course there is Paul who many will forever know of his singleness. The ministry of Peter and Paul should encourage us to live a Beyond Single a life, which is less about our earthly status and more about our heart status. As Pentecost approaches I pray we would all be as bold as Peter and Paul in our everyday walk with the one and only son of God. This is my prayer.


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