The ERLC on Racial Reconciliation {#RRRR}

RRRRYesterday, we went to church. The three of us we went. Me, Jimmy and Elijah went to church. Yesterday I sat in church with my very good friend Anne on the right side and my husband on the left side. Yesterday, my friend Anne, leaned over and whispered these words to me.

“Our Church is starting to look like our community”

We are seeing progress and we are Thankful to the one who delivers all.

Yesterday, we went to church. Me and Jimmy came home, while my son went to Anne’s house to spend some time with her six year old son. It was Sunday and we were ready for a little more church. But, Jimmy was called away by some work in Franklin, So, he dropped me off just in time for the three o’clock service at Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church.

The church house was packed to the point the ushers added chairs to make room for more folks, family and friends. In a sea of black faces, I saw but one white face. All the singing voices were black. The sea of mixed gender preachers were all black. The Mothers wearing all white were all black.

My heart thoughts reflected on the earlier eleven o’clock hour ….

When will our black churches begin to look more like a community of every nation and every tribe?

The ERLC on Racial Reconciliation


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