The Life and Ministry of Moses


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Where are you learning and finding freedom from perfection?

The Life and Ministry of Moses

It’s been a long study.

We started way back in September with baby boy Moses.

But now, we are headed for the finish line in BSF.

I attended my first BSF class in the winter of twenty twelve. When I started we were studying the Gospels. Next we studied Genesis for a full year and I fell head over heels for Noah. Then a full year or shall I say, a full school year of Matthew followed. Which, leads us back to the study of the life of Moses. The life and ministry of Moses is where I am learning and finding freedom from perfection theses days.

The life and ministry of Moses is where I am learning and finding my inspiration theses days. Moses and Aaron were both in their early eighties when God called them into life time ministry. Moses died or was gathered to his people as the Bible states at the age of one hundred and twenty years. If we subtract eighty from one hundred and twenty, we are left with forty. Moses life could easily be divided into two parts, meaning the first two-thirds of his life was not spent in ministry. But, the final third of his life was devoted to leading a body of people to the promise land.

 So, that means we can only guess as to the age of  Miriam.

But one thing we do know for sure is that Miriam was older than Moses.

Moses life was marred with misery and mistakes in ministry …

but God loved Moses no matter what and finished in faith is what is written as well as what we remember.

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