The Ninth Hour of Prayer (Acts 3:1)

Let's please continue .... Creating a Life of Prayer

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Hey y’all I am on CT Time …

Let’s continue …. Creating a Life of Prayer in what may feel like the ninth hour of something or everything.


Most everyone is looking for their W2 in the mail box. My sister in love sent me a picture of mine on the smart phone. But, here is the thing, it ain’t about the W2 form but the W4 form! And that form is the same for everybody, the fact that our calculations may change but this one form never changes and I guess you already know, the W4 form reminds me of Jesus in ways you likely already know.

But I’ve a secret and I can not wait to share it with you in person. No video, NO Face Book Live, just me sharing with you all I know about praying to theoneandonlyJESUS.

Theme: Access to the Throne of Grace (Acts 27:46, 50,51)

3 P.M. – The Ninth Hour of Prayer (Acts 3:1)

Prayer of thanksgiving for the torn veil and direct access to the throne of grace through a new and living way (Hebrews 10:19-22).

Pray for family, friends and acquaintances that have not yet come to the throne of grace (Acts 10:1-6).

Pray to be an agent of Christ´s justice in acts of forgiveness, healing and love to those in need around you (Isaiah 1:15-18).



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