The One And Only

A pretty in pink season

This photo was snapped in Downtown Murfreesboro on Friday, Jan. 6 -2017 at one of my favorite shops.

Since this Only (Jesus365) thing started back in 2015, right when we were finishing up Pick A Cup and Pray, my heart is leading me to complete it ASAP.

Thankfully, around 100 photos were gathered from the many jump drives kept with all my original photos!

The dot com website will be used for publishing, while the dot org website will be used for print and video publishing of all of our Only Jesus Red Chair Testimonies.

May God be the glory in your everyday story of this little/big thing we call life! Also, know, I’m blessed to be staying at my sister’s house and working on her computer because I broke my red laptop yesterday.

I am confident a pretty in pink season is just around the bend.

My one word for this year is JOY.

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