The short story of the {unfinished} restoration of a vintage wood fireplace mantle for the studio


So, the cherry wood mantle in the Tennessee Tree House Studio is not done.

Yes, the mantle sits in position in the studio Unfinished!

After, days of tireless spraying, soaking and scraping it all just has to stop.

I purchased the mantle, sometime back in May. The day after the purchase, I washed the mantle with soap and water.

Then, I began spraying on the stripper and the scraping also commenced.

Then I stopped working on the mantle.

Then I started working on the mantle again.

Restoration is a process.

Spiritual restoration is a process as well.

But, here is the thing … I have a clear vision of what the final mantle looks like and acts like.

Not only is creative clear vision needed but a clear path is a necessary passage.

Please find below the restoration steps of a vintage fireplace mantle

  1. Know What You Want It to Look Like … in the end.
  2. Make Sure You Have Time to Devote to the Project
  3. Decide how much cash you want to sink into it.
  4. Safety First.
  5. Research and Inspect
  6. Remove the mantel from the fireplace
  7. Clean Before You Start
  8. Repair or replace any broken parts.
  9. Use nontoxic stripper, a scraper, and a wire brush to loosen layers of paint.
  10. Let the stripper sit on painted wood until it penetrates and bubbles all the layers.
  11. Scrape away what you can
  12. Tackle carved and recessed areas with a toothbrush
  13. Wipe down the mantel
  14. Sand it lightly to smooth any rough spots
  15. Stain, it to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood.

I’m having Coffee For Your Heart with my friend Holley Gerth!

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