The trouble with me …

Charles Stanley Week on the Blog

benchblue100I own more books than I care to mention. I love to read. I am a speed reader. I recently purchased The Vision of His Glory by Anne Graham Lotz yet I have not, nor do I plan on reading it until after I have written Blogging Revelations. I just wanted to check it out. But, when someone places a book I’m my hands, I feel obligated to read it and quickly, I might add. But, here is the thing or shall I say the trouble with me. Drum roll please! I am a responsive reader.

I have always enjoyed the work of Charles Stanley and I own several of his books. But recently, a friend placed one of his books directly in my hand, so I feel obligated to read it. Oh and you should also know I am acutely aware of my trouble. I force myself to not read and or purchase many of my writer friends titles as to not offend. Oh, yes caught between the offending and not offending when it comes to reading and writing.

Enough about me, a friend put her husband’s hard bound copy of How to Handle Adversity, by Charles Stanley in my hands. But she didn’t stop there, she also replaced the hard copy with a soft copy of my very own. So, read it I must. And responding, well you know.

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