Then and now (You Love Me Anyway)


My friend Tommi (glasses) posted this photo on Face Book yesterday for Throw Back Thursday. I’m not sure exactly when this photo was taken. But, it looks like it was taken sometime before the birth of my daughter Lillian. Maybe two or three years before Lillian was born. So, that would mean I was around thirty or so. Maybe, even not long after I left home (Franklin). As you already know, Lillian is now eighteen, married and finished with high school! Her official graduation is in May! A person can experience much in eighteen years and much was experienced. Namely, a return to my first love Jesus, Lillian, Elijah and marriage.


Thankful for this writing prompt from Holley.

For I am convinced that neither lack nor likes will be able to separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Jesus is the star of this my one life! All, of this, all of them (folks in the photo) and all of you remind me of a song … You love me anyway!


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