Twelve Black Women: Add truth to the wall of Bridging the gap with Social Media Ministries

600BWSMMMThis was a tough assignment and it took me days I tell you, days for me to edit down the lists of many to this list of twelve. At one point my list was easily defined with all the hard-working black women, I already know. Then, something in me prompted me to go deeper. So, deeper I went. Some of you may already know the women on the list below, but know the point of this list is to point out black women on the world-wide web using social media to reach those who may not be reached by traditional christian ministry methods. Please, also know this is simply a list and nothing more. The names on this list is not an endorsement from me. I too look forward to that day when the King of King and the Lord of Lords pens the only list that matters, I am also speaking of the only book that matters, outside of The Bible. The Book of Revelation speaks of many books, many open books. Then John turns his attention to this one book. He actually draws our attention to this book with the words Another book. In chapter twenty of the book of Revelation John see a vision of The Book of Life, Better know as The Lambs Book of Life, please know outside of the Bible, this is The only book that really matters. I hope and pray all of our names are in that book and it is my mission with anything I write to ul·ti·mate·ly do as John did with his words, point you to not the many but the one, the only one who really matters and his name is Jesus. Please find my list below. And may God continue to bless and keep the all of you.

  1. Dianna Hobbs
  2. Downtown Demure
  3. After the Altar Call
  4. Courtnaye Richard
  5. Ornella Umubyeyi
  6. Dr. Susan K. Smith
  7. Tyora Moody
  8. Kim Cash Tate
  9. Michelle McKinney Hammond
  10. Kimberla Lawson Roby
  11. Vanessa Richardson
  12. The Grace Made


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