Undiluted: A little closer to feet washing are we


Although there is not where we are.

Although getting there is no competition.

And, going there is no kinda strappy sandals game.

For there is no competition when our sharing of the gospel remains …


Our Father created you for such a times as this.

Swimming with saints and sinners is like water in a pool.

But, no thing like water in a bucket full of feet who joy to fear.

A little closer to feet washing am I.

A little closer to feet washing are we.

What about you …

Has our Father in heaven command you a crazy thing to do?

Did He make it real simple for ya?

Be encouraged Dear sister friend, and lay down your nets for a catch. 

You may have toiled all night.

You may be washing your nets at this very moment

But, He told you in His word, exactly what to expect.

lay down your nets for a …


That Simon had a boat.

That Simon had more than a single net.

When our Jesus stopped speaking to the crowd.

For a little side bar conversation with Simon.

Or was it some simple separated instructions for the one.

Who saw him as Master.

Non the less the all of them were please with great joy …

in the catch.

Praise Time in Tennessee, it ain’t about me but thee.

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