jimmyOn Saturday I cried because there was another somebody who did not want or care for my kinda of help. I tuned up and cried like a new born baby. My sweet husband just looked at the all of me with a simple single response Sonya, you cannot help every body. You must focus. As I am writing this I remember a friend stating another simple fact. Sonya, your efforts are splintered. It’s not that I fail to listen, at the time, there was simply no way to become unsplintered. But, life is different now. Soon, we will have been married for six months and we are beginning to make some decisions regarding the future of our children. Now, that Lillian is married we consider ourselves to be the parents of four young adults. Three young men and one young lady. 

meandDWe had been praying for the Lord to bring this one son closer. To be honest with you I had forgot … all about the many prayers and petitions made to our Father in those first few months of marriage. But as my husband informed me of his meet up with this one son at the corner market, I remembered praying for our Father to bring this one handsome son closer and suddenly everything changed! We have a nineteen year old son, living on the campus of MTSU. But, he is not yet a student, so our prayers continue as we are building in. This one son made a decision to stay behind when we married but later moved to Nashville. Now, he is living, right here in the Boro … less than two miles away. Praise Time in Tennessee, it ain’t about me but thee. 


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