Waiting for the color to come in: When an 18 year old white girl straightens my black hair

Announcing two NEW titles in my Race Relations Series {It's a it's a twofer!}

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Tonight we are blessed to walk out on the field with Elijah. And since there is a slight chance of a photo being captured I got my hair straighten yesterday. Now, let me just add in that black women are jacked up about their hair and I am somewhat counted in that number. When I called for an appointed the day before I asked (as we usually do) if there was going to be a black hair stylist present and I was told there would be. But upon my arrival at the school, I quickly realized my stylist of the day was not black at all. Mind you, I had already been on a bus or two by 10AM. Not only was she not black but she was young! Anyway, Praise be to God Mia (we will call her Mia) could handle the nappy known as my hair and all the black girls in the school took note. While they were taking note, Mia got nervous and started to straighten my hair really fast. It’s a this point, when all the black students, came over and reminded (in the kindest way) Mia to go slow, when straightening black hair. This action is what I term as Waiting for the color to come in … and it also the title of my newest book!

See the results of my white girl hair on Instagram.

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