Waiting for the color to come

Why do fruits {berries} change color at all?


Per the website Today I Found Out fruits and vegetables come in a wide array of colors that change throughout their ripening process.

The question on the table today is why do fruits change color at all?

Well according to TIFO there are two ways to answer this question …

  1. what’s going on internally while the fruit is ripening.
  2. why these plants have evolved to do this at all.

I find it interesting to note the fruit ripping process is affected by the fruits ability to bind to ethylene, a natural gas.

And get this …

The binding triggers some genes to turn off and others to turn on, creating enzymes that facilitate the ripening process, which converts the starch to sugars and such which breaks down the cell walls of the fruit, softening it to make the inside more accessible.

Wow, did you get all that? It must be twelve step process or something? Actually,  it’s eight!

  1. Binding
  2. Power
  3. Creating
  4. Ripening
  5. Converts
  6. Breaks
  7. Softening
  8. Access

Well, friends as usual this process reminds me of Jesus.

Actually, this process reminds me of four things …

  1. Jesus
  2. The New Testament
  3. The Book of John
  4. Water into Wine

Oh No, I almost forgot the question on the table today is why do fruits change color at all?

Look for the answer to this question and more in the all new work of my hands!

This is an excerpt of sorts from the new work of my hands … publishing Christmas 2017

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