Weekly Weekend Wrap-up {E-Myth Revisited}


Yesterday, we went to a Flip This House mini Class in Franklin. Yes, we are still without a home. And to my surprise one of the books recommended is the same book my bank is using for a Master Class! I hope to read this book this very weekend. I am also working through some sample style and content edits on my work! I am extremely thankful to the folks at Pressque for their service.


In other news, I am super happy to say a blog post was produced by me each and every day this week. Yes, my goal is to become an everyday blogger like Mr. Hyatt. I call him Mr. Hyatt because he is the boss and have I mentioned … he is my virtual mentor. My Blog, this site, now runs on the Get Noticed Theme. A blog re-design is in order but we’ve still some unpacking to do. I like to live in a house a bit before I hang things on the wall, crosses and all. Mr Hyatt is a big believer is batch work or shall we say batch processing. Batch work is the grouping of similar tasks that require similar resources in order to streamline their completion. So, one would write all their blog posts on one day, then set then to publish everyday. You know, in a binge like fashion.

Come back tomorrow as I hope to share a story from my childhood which I’ve tentatively titled Sewing ?????.

Always a student.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention The Five Minute Friday Retreat in Nashville! I’m super excited the dates are before school and football starts in Tennessee.

Well, this week is almost a wrap y’all.

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