What I Know Now


Bible Study Fellowship Class, was good yesterday as in really, really good. Yesterday we studied about our friend Moses and Aaron and how they disappointed our Father greatly, yet He graciously forgave them. Moses failed to do exactly as our Father instructed … he STRUCK the rock in Numbers 20 … when our Father asked him to SPEAK to the rock in front of the entire community. Has there ever been a time in your life, when you knew deep down in your heart you did not do what you were asked to do. Has there ever been a time in your life when only you knew of the special speak to the rock instruction.

Please keep this in mind when a friend or foe confides in you about that more than crazy thing our Father is asking them to do, for one day you may be standing back wondering if your support may have made a difference in the mist of their crazy SPEAK to the rock like assignment.

 Aaron as Moses’s Co worker and Brother could have encouraged Moses to do exactly as our Father instructed … SPEAK to the rock … But instead he followed along as Moses made the worst move of his entire walk with the Lord. We serve the same God as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses. HE is still the same. HE never changes. And yes HE is still speaking to those who spend time with HIM and call out to Him. HE is still handing out assignments. If you have failed to get one You may need to check your relationship status with the only ONE who really matters. BTW his name is Jesus.

Our Father has been faithful to provide all … me and my little family needed for more than seven years He has completely protected, provided and just because His provision looks extremely different to us now, does not mean it is anything less or greater than before. My little family is scattered and covered for a reason. This I know now and the conversation kindly ends as we begin again. And, I just can’t wait  … to be continued.

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