What I Learned This Fall {Jesus sees me}

Thankful when evicted from everything and everybody but Jesus.

unknown1On this day, I am joining Emily Freeman, for What I Learned This Fall Link Up.

What I learned this Fall is Jesus sees me, even when you don’t.

In the winter of 2015, I wrote ….

Be thankful for new opportunity when evicted from almost everything and everybody but Jesus.

My family has been divided since February 14, 2015.

Jesus divides to multiply His Kingdom.

This is His end goal!

Multiplication through division.

He divides to multiply.

Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. Luke 12:51

It’s been a super hard road and I have lived in seven different homes, since then. Some on more than one occasion. The suffering has been great and I do mean great! A church friend of mine, once said … Boy, Sonya … you sure are going to have some stories to share when …. God brings you through.

Well, let me just tell you, she was right. But, here’s the thing almost all my stories are about Jesus.

The Lord has pruned and shaped this tree of me and I am no longer who I used to be. When this whole crazy journey started, we were ending one prayer project and starting another. And yet, here we are again. It’s like we’ve come full circle, especially in the praying department.

painSo, with all of that said, please allow me to share … Ten things I learned this Fall.

  1. When I find myself without shelter, Jesus sees me and provided shelter.
  2. When I am cold, Jesus sees me and provided a new coat.
  3. When I am hungry, Jesus sees me and provides  food.
  4. When I am thirsty, Jesus sees me and provided water.
  5. When I needed a new blouse, Jesus sees me and provided a new to me blouse.
  6. When I am tired of jumping the train tracks to catch the bus, Jesus sees me and provided transportation.
  7. When I am discouraged in my writing, Jesus sees me and provides new reads.
  8. When, my heart desires women to pray over the work of my head, hands and heart, Jesus provides.
  9. When, blogging server fees are due, Jesus sees me and provides.
  10. When, my heart loves His word, Jesus sees me and provides new to me Bibles.

Outcast, banished, and rejected. All, the times you counted me out, Jesus counted me in.

Oh and there is one more thing … Transparency is nothing more than a myth.


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