What I Learned This Fall

with The One And Only Jesus

Hello, All, we are joining Emily Freeman, this morning for What we learned this Fall. Well, it’s been nothing but a learning season for me but I grinded my list down to three things just for you.

1.Creating a twisted wreath is an act of worship!

2. Teeny Tiny acts of obeidence yield more inspiration!

3. With the love and support of the One and Only Jesus … you too can move mountains of flesh!

HE is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Great I AM. The Lamb that was slain, the Brazen Serpent. The Holy Thing. The Power and pleasure of The Almighty! The Precious One. The Child born King! The Babe no longer laying in a manger for he lives. The Only Begotton. The Only Wise only living God born King. The Savior of the world. The Star out of Israel.The Sun. The Staff. The Stone of Stumbling. Our Sure Foundation. Our Teacher. Our Treasure. Our Treasury. The Tree of Life. Our every day Hope is he! The Tried Stone and The True Light of Day and Darkness.

The One And Only Jesus is all these things and more, the question on the table, this first day of December is and was do we really know him as well as we say we do?


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