What I learned: Winter 2017 {About Prayer}

"An artist draws his or her peace through the power of prayer"

Today I’m joining Emily Freeman and her readers in talking about what we learned this winter season. This winter season has been a prayerful one for me and much has been learned. And the short list you will find below …

Biblical prayers are locked and loaded thanksgivings and petitions.

Biblical prayers have been previously tested on a timeless landscape by major and minor prophets.

Biblical prayers of prophets are best because their public, private character and agenda can never be questioned by modern man.

The prayers of children are naturally agenda free and prompted by love.

Prayer grows hope because when we are constantly connected to the one and only, we get that He answers our little everyday prayers and therefore we know our big petitions are just waiting for His perfect timing. This is assuming we are in a right relationship with our first love of course.

Our answered prayers bond us to the body of praying believers and the Bondsman! It is unity of the gorilla glue kind.

His perfect timing and place is directly connected to one or many who love and pray.

The one or ones who believes, loves and quietly prays is often in the background.

Answered prayers are tools used by The Lord to grow the faith of one or many believers.

There is no beginning and no end in the creative praying process.

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