What I’m Into (February 2015 Edition)


Heart Shape Monitor

There happens to be a Revival going on at Southeast Baptist Church and after Pastor Joe supplied me with the image below, I created a new image. That is what graphic design is. Graphic design is creating something new from two or more things which already exist. This is what I do. Of course you know, I write about much of what I do and who I am on this blog.

Today we are joining Leigh Kramer for her monthly What I’m into write off. Leigh inspires others us articulate what we are into in a wordy fashion. February is my birthday and anniversary month, so I was into much.


Books, Bibles and Blogs

As far as reading is concerned, we received a few books in the mail to read and write about …

The Beauty of Grace

You’re Loved No Matter What

Life Unstuck

Every year for the past few years or so I have made it a practice to purchase a new bible for my birthday. To be completely honest with you this practice started after I started ministry school and no one in my life gave me a new bible. But our God is faithful and after me and Jimmy were married, one day he came home with four or five bibles. I saw this as our Father’s way of confirming my studies. This year is no different. Except for the fact that I also purchased myself a new Bible to commemorate and celebrate me and Jimmy’s first year anniversary.

You are currently reading my blog on a new theme created in part by my mentor Mr. Hyatt. I have yet to finish the setup and design but know, I am working on it. It is currently my prayer to be a better everyday blogger. I also have a mini photo shoot appointment this week at Cultivate-Coworking in the Boro. Plus I’m in the process of creating a new logo as well as praying for new direction in this one life.


Back to the Revival

Yesterday,  Kevin Minchey, the Director of Missions for the The Concord Baptist Association spoke at Revive and he shared five ways to pray for the lost …






Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Jimmy and me hope to be adjusting to our new life (wherever) by April 1. We sat at a round table yesterday … to began again. We have not an idea how HE will do it, we just know HE will and we hope and pray you will continue or start this new journey with the all of us.

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