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Now, that we’ve got that headline all pretty and straight. Let’s get right to it. Yesterday I attended the first ever luncheon with women in publishing. I took some awesome notes and today I am more than happy to share my highlights with you. Yes, the 2015 ECPA Leadership Summit was held right here in the heart of Tennessee (Murfreesboro)! How exciting is that? Listed below, are the six things she said which mattered to me most.

What she said: Don’t be a victim in your own development.

Who she is: Laura Minchew, SVP, HarperCollins Christian Publishers

What she said: People can’t be what they can’t see.

Who she is: Dominique Raccah, CEO, Sourcebooks

What she said: We have a sense of right that does not serve us well.

Who she is: Janet McDonald, VP, c3/consulting >> panel moderator

What she said: We all need safe places to unpack emotions.

Who she is: Tammy Gaines, CFO at Abingdon Press

What she said: Always be reading in multiple categorizes.

Who she is: Selma Wilson, VP of LifeWay Christian Resources

What she said: It’s content that impacts people.

Who she is: Gretchen Goldsmith, President/CEO, Rose Publishing, Inc.

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What she said:

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