What We Learned in the final moments of 2014

what-we-learned-in-2014This morning I cried one ugly cry. Into my husband arms I wept and moaned and slobbered just as I did seventeen years ago when my Mother died. Yes, seventeen years ago my Mother died on the very first day of the new year. If I need to make it pretty for you I can simply say she passed away. Thankfully the year before my Mother passed away she had a massive heart attack. I say thankfully because it was the massive heart attack which caused her to settle her business with Jesus. She had my Daddy call my uncle Elder Charles McCullough in for her public confession of faith just moments before her bypass surgery.

Last night me and Jimmy went to a Watch meeting. We are starting our own family traditions and this is one of them. I am simply amazed at all I learned in the final hours of 2014. Some things are noted below …

One thing I have learned from this one life is DEATH is certain for all and I hope and pray we would all used our gift of influence as a means to somehow tell somebody, somewhere about JESUS.

Last night one of the many pastors who spoke said there is a reason WHY the front windshield of a car is larger than the back windshield. He went on to say … it is because we need to spend more time looking forward than looking back.


He also shared with us that Watchnights were started back in the 1860’s as a means for slaves to gather to pray for freedom. They also prayed on a single night back in 1862 for President Lincoln’s heart to be changed.

Then, there was the mention of this tune by Teddy Pendergrass over how to look back.

We are sharing What we learned in 2014 with Emily over at chatting at the sky.

Happy New Year!

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