What We’ve Learned This Summer {2014}


We are linking up with Emily over at Chatting at the sky.

Here are 10 things I learned this summer in no particular order as well.

  1. Many folks are driving along the highways and byways of life going no where and they would love for you to ride with them.
  2. In order to get more folks in the ground after and during the Civil War all the bodies were buried sideways.
  3. Simon owned the vessel Jesus commanded him to launch.
  4. When HE speaks to us in the mist of crisis it is the sweetest taboo but when He speaks to us in the mist of co-creating with HIM, it’s even sweeter.
  5. You can successfully move your blog to whatever name without a Launch or a merge.
  6. You can have two blogs in place and they both receive traffic one to the other.
  7. New kids on the block put the old kids on notice and both kids step up their game.
  8. A partial empty nest is an opportunity when your daughter gets married on her 18th Birthday.
  9. The art of loving another person till death do we part is unnatural per Tyler Ward.
  10. Your best yes is likely a no, counter with kindness.

“I saw that the kingdom must be interior before it can be exterior, that it is a kingdom of ideas, and not one of brute force; that His rule is over hearts, not over places; that His victories must be inward before they can be outward; that He seeks to control spirits rather than bodies; that no triumph could satisfy Him but a triumph that gains the heart; that in short, where God really reigns, the surrender must be the interior surrender of the convicted free men, and not merely the outward surrender of the conquered slave.”

– Hannah Whitall Smith

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