When every other thing is meaningless: but to love a white man for HE be the glue

cupAWhen half your house is packed and the other half unpacked.

When you find your dwelling lacks a place to recline.

When you buy seeds on sales like it’s the beginning of spring.

When Solomon writes for twelve chapters.

When love is no other thing but a verb.

When obedience is mandatory.

When the cup remains broken.

When you know spelling is your weakness.

When you know you could earn a master’s degree in the use of the run on sentence.

When in college you wrote about an unseen place called the Grove.

When you stepped forward and sadly turned your paper in for you knew it not perfect.

When all the red lines looked like battle marks but the one.

And the one was your final reward.

Or so you thought …

Until the day, fourteen years later …

The Grove is no longer unseen but seen.

When the cup remains broken.

To God be the Glory.



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