When Jesus was Going There … remember Simon of Cyrene {#GOINGTHERE}

allsmilesofloveWhen you feel as though you could write another …

one hundred thousand words on the subject of Going There.


When you need a break from eating this same piece of cake..


When diversity in the body of Christ is not your only passion.

When being the squeaky wheel is way past old. But not yet vintage.

When this is not your only assignment.

When there are greater but equal and lessor things.

When it seams as if it’s all not worth it.

When friends take a single jump on your band wagon. 

When the juice is really trickling from your hand to under your arm.

When our Father has brought complete and sudden clarity.

When we all confess to know and believe the end of the story.

When it’s our joy to live, learn and love for His glory

When Jesus was Going There …  

simply remember Simon of Cyrene


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