When you ain’t had enough to eat, you are your own niche

YON-N-N-rightLet’s review …

You’ve walked through the mist of your own wall of water.

You’ve danced a jig at your own kinda of private praise party.

You’ve thanked HIM, over and over again.

And now all of a sudden you’re hungry as all get out and

you’re grumbling to Moses like you ain’t had enough to eat. 

Or is that just another line in a vintage George Benson tune?

Why did the Israelites need manna if they had flocks/herds of animals that they could eat?

You are your own niche, convert your God given talents into cash … like Carol Aebersold.

Self published co-author Carol of The Elf on the Shelf® will be in the Boro this week!

Please know I view my writing as mini sermons and the preacher in me does not solicit comments, but you can catch me, every now and again on my Personal  Face Book Page and my Face Book Fire Station Page.


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