When you are called to stay and pray


The night before my dear Mother died I prayed all the night. I was working at the place where I assisted in the buying of country and western wear when she called me. She simply said to me Sonya, I need a bath. And I replied, I am no thing but on my way. I gathered Lillian from the daycare and down I-65 we would ride. When I spoke to her on the telephone she was lucid. In the hour it took me to travel to Franklin from Nashville my dear Mother became lethargic. With Lillian on my hip we bolted through the door of their dream house. I was shocked to see my Daddy just sitting there. In sudden shock was he at the sudden change in my sweet Mother’s condition. I spoke to him as to where she was and what happened? His words to me were … your Mother prayed for the Lord to take all the pain away. I found her in the bathroom no longer waiting for a bath. I discovered my sweet Momma sitting on the toilet of fatigue. I stepped back into the very large great room to find Lillian sitting on my Daddy’s lap. Once again questions were spoken but a child’s voice was the only one he could hear. I quickly contacted the EMS and before I knew it we were once again in route to the hospital. Daddy followed the ambulance in my car to a Nashville city hospital. Once again in an ambulance with my sick Mother would I ride. Little, did I know this would be our last really fast ride together. There were no beds in the hospital for my Mother when we got there. My Mother, she lay on the roll away cart in the hallway, for what seamed like hours. I stood with her on this particular New Year’s Eve. My Daddy sat waiting in the waiting room with Lillian still, waiting on his lap. I called my sister and brothers from a pay phone in the hospital hallway. At some point a room became ready and the breathing tubes shoved in. My Mother spoke some last words to me which I’ve yet to recall and I will never forget. The nurses made her comfortable. I called my sister and brothers from a pay phone in the hospital hallway. I checked on my Daddy and Lillian in the stillness of the waiting room. Hours had passed since I received the call for a bath. I gently lifted my Daddy’s fingers one by one for the release of my car keys. I stopped at the house of Waffles and made a few more calls. I drove to our house on the bank of roses. All the ceilings were but ten feet tall. One room sat waiting, almost empty but a single wooden chair. I sat on the wood floor with my head in the chair and prayed for the Lord to take all the pain away … until the sun, it did come up … did I pray. I then gathered myself, washed my face in the bathroom and returned to the hospital to wait. In the waiting room of the hospital I found my Daddy still sitting there waiting with Lillian waiting on his lap. Finally, my sister and brothers, plus many others … they did arrive. Someone, not me, removed Lillian from my Daddy’s lap when the doctors called him in for the consult. My Daddy signed the papers and the shoved in breathing tubes were gently removed. My Mother died on the first day of the new year nineteen hundred and ninety eight. 

Yesterday, My son, Elijah snapped this photo of me & my great nieces and later we sat in a room full folks, family and friends who believe in the power of prayer and today we joy to remember … exactly, how we got there. Our Father works in units of time … HIS, yours and mine.

When you are called to stay and pray, know our Dear Heavenly Father will have his way. 

I call to God, and the LORD saves me. Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice. — Psalm 55:16-17

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