When you build a single house or six houses: 12 weeks of Living beyond the status zone {Week 01}

zone1.jpgThey are building six houses behind the God-Sized Dream House. Yes, we are still here.

The construction started several months ago. Some guys with yellow vests on came out and posted little orange flags to mark the boundaries of each site. Then a few days later some other guys with yellow vest on came out and marked the sites by hammering stakes in the ground at each corner of each site. Then a few more days passed and the men in yellow vests were back again with big rolls of black plastic. They wrapped each site with plastic to hold in all the dirt and debris. Finally, the day came when the bricks were delivered, you know, the grey kind. Each site stood grey brick ready, waiting for the workers to come and lay the foundations. The workers came and laid each foundation one by one. Until the foundation work was no thing but done. What happened next really surprised me! The grey brick foundation was not enough. After the foundations were laid a rock truck came out and poured what looked like a ton of rocks in each foundation. And, what happen next totally blew my mind. After the foundations were laid and the rocks all dumped in another big truck came out. The final construction element was that of concrete. Yes, the concrete trucks came out all at one time and poured concrete over the rocks which were dumped in each foundation. And yes, but oh yes one more thing happened. After all the trucks and workers left … the foundations lay bare. Day after day the complete foundations looked as if they had not a care. It felt like days with no beginning and no end as the concrete sat in the sun, cured and ready for more work to be done. 

And, yes, this too reminded me of our Father, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit as one.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14

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