When your motive, ministry, message & membership match like Martin’s strength to love

loveWhy it would be easy to sit around anglo church folk, dreaming and talking about how beautiful it would be if we all just loved our neighbor. It’s a total different thing to take this call back home to black folks, family and friends. Well, the hard thing is what our Father has asked of me. I’m not sure how I will get to it. I had hoped they would see me as a missionary, seven years ago when I left to learn all that HE wanted me to learn. But sadly, some things are not to be. Seven years later my hopes are dashed again as I depart to speak his words to them a mission it’s not to be. It’s only me and he. My dear sweet and sensitive husband. He married me knowing the ruckus, this title could create. He married me knowing the title of this work would cause many to question my love for him. And then he purchased the black and white diamond infinity ring. Seeing all the diamonds together just makes my heart sing. I’m not sure how I will get to it. I only know that HE will do it.

Earlier today, I wrote a post titled While I sat among you. 

While I sat among you. There were fewer than five people of color outside of my family. So, therefore I must go to them. Although my words are sometimes twisted. My heart is not. My only motive is to be obedient to our Father. HE still reigns and believe it or not … HE speaks to the still. The ministry of forgiveness leads way to love and love leads way to peace. The messages are many and the membership is with a people who readily admit their churches may be in danger of dying.

And that’s the match which keeps the fire popping.

Five of these type churches dot the countryside of Middle Tennessee and their communities no longer look like them. When we are inwardly focused we only see one side of the urban shift. We fail to see or even consider the result of the urban shift on the country community church. These churches are no longer in denial and are swiftly positioning themselves with the strength to love and therefore live.

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