When your son makes the team

High School Football 101 - Mission of Motherhood

elijahDThis is hard stuff. I mean really hard stuff. Last year he almost broke his neck. And now the recruiters are putting the pressure on. And, I am a Mom, not much unlike the Mother of Moses who placed her baby in a river, called the Nile. And much like Pharoah’s daughter the recruiters come and draw him out of the water. And in some ways I am reminded of Daniel, who went in at the age of seventeen. The age my son will be when he graduates from high school in the spring. I’m not ready. I want more time, but time has moved on and this boy is about to become a man. When he made the team we had zero college plans, but yet three years later college is almost our only conversation. So, weeks ago I decided to dedicate this entire year to my only son. His team, The Oakland High School Patriots usually make it to the playoff s which mean we will be doing football in some shape and or fashion until the middle of December. five minute friday :: team



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