When you’re an exile on a deserted island

Blogging Revelation: When everything seems hopeless

greenland-promo-1080[1]All of my life, I’ve had this one to a box theory, we get one on the way in and we get one on the way out. I developed this theory as a highly observant child. I was quiet and withdrawn, but watchful. Observation of the crowd comes not without careful considerate analysis. I’m not your classic introvert but crowds can often get the best of me. Like, yesterday when me and a friend were porch sitting, the addition of a third person made me weary. My body became stiff and my soul-sick as two became three. But you might say no man is an island. One can’t live completely independently. Everyone needs help from other people. But, there lived once a man named John. He was close friends to this man named Jesus. Do you know who I am talking about? When John was very old he was in exile on the island of Patmos. According to John MacArthur, the Roman authorities had banished him there because of his faithful preaching of the gospel. John addressed The Book of Revelation to the congregation that he could no longer minister to in person. John addressed twenty-two articles to those he could no longer speak to in person. No man is an island, but men and women can be assigned points or periods of isolation by an almighty ever-present God. If this is the position you find yourself in today, know, you are not alone. He is with you. He will never leave you or forsake you. He loves you.

Today I’m having Coffee For Your Heart with my friend Holley Gerth


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