Where Women Write {What do writers eat?}

Ten links as to food, snacks, and writing

When I write I eat.

And over the last three years I’ve put on more than a pound or two. Well friends, this simply must stop. Not, the writing but the adding of pounds to the body. So, as I am preparing to write more, I am also planning my food and beverage intake. With all this in mind, I decided to do a little research and below are ten of my most favorite links as to food and writing or writing and food.

Mind you, this list is not limited to Christian Writers, like myself.

Also, be aware, this list gathering made me very hungry.

  1. 9 Authors on What They Eat While Writing
  2. Snacks you should eat while writing
  3. 12 Great Writers & Their Favorite Snacks
  4. 9 Energizing Snacks That Will Keep You Writing
  5. Healthy Snack Suggestions
  6. Brain Food For Writers
  7. What Writers Eat at Midnight
  8. The Best Snacks to Beat Writer’s Block
  9. What Do Writers Eat While Writing?
  10. What writers should eat

So tell me {on Instagram}, what is it you like to eat while writing?

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