Where Women Write

31 Days of places and spaces

Let’s face it, if you work online, theses days … much writing is involved.

Where Women Write is about places and spaces, the place where you sit down and dig, right on in.

Over, the years God has been faithful to allow me creative spaces to call my own. I am one of those people, who works best undisturbed. I am one of those people who has a need for a creative enirovment and friend, I am not alone.

So, Welcome to Where Women Write, 31 Days of Celebrating Places and Spaces!

Thankfully, I keep a running list in my head, so the first few days were easy as, can we say … pie.

Where Women Write, 31 Days of Celebrating Places & Spaces

1 Katie, founder and designer of Dear Mushka

2 Kelly Rae Roberts

3 Jones Design Company

4 The Nester

5 Alisa Burke

Ann Voskamp

Katrina Sullivan

8 Nikki Farquharson

9 Write A House

10 Amanda Blake Soule


12 Jennifer Lee

13 Jennifer Lee

14 April Cornell

15 Jenny Moyer

16 Hedgebrook

17 Michelle DeRusha

18 Anna Maria Horner

19 Camille Bordas

20 Beverly Jenkins

21 Crystal Marie Neubauer

22 Anca Gray

23 Andrea Pippins

24 Eva Sonaike

25 Jamie Lee Wallace

26 Terri Blackstock

27 Stephanie Landsem

28 Debbie Rix

29 Sarah Morgan

30 Claire Sandy

31 Writer’s Room


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