White Lives Matter’ Rally Canceled due to the power of prayer EVERYWHERE

Early this morning I arrived at Jr’s at 7AM. The store was quiet. The staff was silently present, but welcoming. Once, I purchased a few basic supplies, I looked at the middle of main street and prayed for the continued help of the one and only Jesus. We’ve been praying for weeks now. Prayer is the only thing many of us could do. So, we did what we could do and we trusted our Lord and Savior with the results. And, He showed up and showed out. My prayer was that the time at hand would be most uneventful. I hoped and I prayed that nothing would happen and thanfully, because of the love of Jesus, nothing did happen. The White Lives Matter’ Rally was abruptly canceled by organizers due to the power of prayer to the one and only Jesus EVERYWHERE. That’s it, that’s all.

May the power of prayer to the one and only Jesus radiate from hearts hear and there. There is power power, wonder working power in the name of Jesus.


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