Working on: Design Packet for The Nation Wide Princess Prayer Party

Praying God's will, way and wonder against the forces of Darker! Right Now

What I wrote on Instagram …

Boots on the ground!

I am personally offended by Mr. Darker’s audacity to launch on my Birthday.

So, I am planning a Pink Princess Praying Party for my Birthday and I want you to join me in … Praying God’s will, way and wonder against the forces of Darker! In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

What: Pink Princess Prayer Party Boot camp

When: Friday February 10, 2017
Some theaters open as early as 11AM!

Where: Your town USA

We’ve got less than 30 days … So might we be about our Father’s business in boldly praying with purpose!

What I wrote on Facebook …

Don’t forget I am Planning A Princess Prayer Party for my birthday. We are gathering to pray with purpose against the hidden forces of darker, we know not what they are but we know the one who knows and created all things and He alone is Lord. Lord we ask for your almighty will, way and wonder to go before us in regards to this ever present danger! This movie Darker threatens your kingdom of people here on earth. Lord. Please forgive us for our prior acceptance of what is not like you! Lord, we fully agree and accept your vision of marriage from in the beginning. Lord, help us for we know not what we do. Lord I ask for your help in this matter so that we may continue to walk upright in your sight. In the mighty name of your one and only son Jesus I pray. Amen


Pink Princess Prayer Party (BC)
When: Friday February 10, 2017
Where: Any Town USA
Theme: Petition-Power-Purpose ….

What do you need for me to design to make this prayer party a priority for you?

I’m having Coffee For Your Heart with my friend Holley Gerth


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