Yes, Today! It is all Happening today {to love a white man}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPraise HIM. Yes, Today! It is all Happening today. Today, Lord willing there will be an ice cream cake. Today is her eighteenth birthday. Eighteen years ago (today) our Father answered another one of my crazy prayers. Barren, without not a child nor husband. Our Father delighted in me and said yes to me being a Mother. A simple walk through the grocery store brought me to my knees, in a cup of tears I would be. How could I not have one. Not a husband nor a child. I lost my first child to an ectopic pregnancy. Our Father spared my life, again. The loss of this child always fills in the gap, where other children are concerned, I am forever in wonder if this might this be the one I am to love. So love them we.

Yesterday, we applied for and received a non driver’s identification for my Lillian Grace. Today we are in celebratory mode with much awe and amazement in our Father. As we go to the courthouse we are amazed in HIS grace. We joy in grief to give her away. While we gather in the man child. Today we will celebrate life and the giver of life. Today our little family grows again. And, when I look at the man child, I wonder if this is the one that fills in the gap of loss or will there be another and another.

Today I am most grateful to all the folks, family and friends that over the years held the dirt of me in close ever so tight. No, I have not a list but you know who you are. You my sweetness are a stepping stone in the garden of my heart.

And finally much later today we will release my book, my memoir of sorts of this one blessed life. I am one of those up to the very last moment kinda folks. So, look for my release announcement right here at the very end.

Praise Time in Tennessee, it ain’t about me but HE.

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