You are Your Own Niche November

Be faithful in the seemingly super small things



In the backyard, on Sunday we held our First Folks, Family and Friends Harvest Day, it was a little to cold to carve the pumpkins as we planned and our fire burned out, but nevertheless it was a small start.



I super miss sewing and quilting and I am not in a place or a position in which I could actively pursue theses activities right now, but I am planning on creating a few no-sew projects for just in time for Christmas.



As not a new Mother but a new Mother of adult children, (18 and 21) I am thoughtfully intentional on my influence continuing to be a place holder in each one of their lives.



Every single chance I get, I am compelled to continue to be a woman on the run for the light of the everyday sun.



I am a bit more understanding with myself these days for my need to collect dried, withered and wet things from nature and I am drawing and designing again but for right now, most ideas remain paper bound but Thanksgiving is coming!



I am completely Thankful for The Good News Sunday Show Studio and although our audience appears to be small, not everything we see in one place is true in another.



The One and Only Devotional will be published just in time for Christmas gift giving!



I love Jesus, HE is the forever and always GOAT to me.





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